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Click the Spotify logo opposite to access the link for my 'Bodhran' Playlist. 

If the link does not work, you may not have Spotify installed on your computer. You can follow this link to access the Spotify download page. 

Spotify is free for all users, but you can purchase a Premium subscription if you wish. 

You may find that, when you install the free version of Spotify, you will be unable to play specific tracks and will only be permitted to 'shuffle play'. There is a workaround. 

  1. Download Spotify

  2. Click the Spotify logo on this page to access the 'Bodhran' Playlist

  3. Click 'Play in Spotify'

  4. Once the full playlist is open, find the track you want to listen to

  5. Click on the '···' button to view options

  6. Select 'add to playlist', then 'create new playlist'

  7. Select 'create'

  8. Your playlist can now be accessed by selecting 'Your Library' then 'Playlists'

  9. 'Shuffle play' your new playlist and it will play your selected track

You can create as many playlists as you like on Spotify and I would recommend creating a playlist for each track we work on, so that they can be easily accessed and played without having to scroll through other tracks. 

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